650 + ATI TEAS V7 NurseCheung Reading Practice Questions (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Sharpen your reading comprehension skills for the ATI TEAS V7 Reading with Nurse Cheung's expertly crafted guide. This 86-page digital workbook offers an exhaustive array of practice questions covering pivotal areas like topics and main ideas, author's purpose, making predictions, analyzing data sources, and more. Prepare yourself to tackle questions related to inferences, primary sources, and contrasting themes, ensuring you're steps ahead in your exam. Tailored for pre-nursing and healthcare students setting their sights on top-tier college programs, this guide is the brainchild of Nurse Cheung, an esteemed Nursing Educator with a Master's Degree and active practical insights.

Questions covered include:

  • Topic and Main Ideas
  • Supporting Details and Key Points
  • Inferences vs Conclusions
  • Comprehending Written Directions
  • Locate Specific Information
  • Interpret Events in a Sequence
  • Facts vs Opinions
  • Misconceptions vs Stereotypes
  • Meaning of Words and Context Clues
  • Author's Purpose and Point of View
  • Making Predictions and Evaluating an Argument
  • Comparing and Contrasting Themes
  • Primary Sources and Rhetorical Devices
  • Analyzing Data Sources and Integrating Data

Why Choose Our Guide?

🌟Expertly Curated Content: Crafted by Nurse Cheung, a seasoned Nursing Educator with a Master's Degree, ensuring that the content is both academically rigorous and grounded in real-world nursing experience.

🌟Practice Makes Perfect: Comes equipped with 650+ practice questions, designed meticulously based on the actual ATI TEAS outline. Provides an opportunity to test knowledge and prepare for the kind of questions you'll encounter on the exam.

🌟Digital Convenience: As a digital download, the guide offers immediate access upon purchase, letting you begin your studies without delay.

🌟Value for Money: Priced at just $10, it offers a wealth of information and preparation material at a fraction of the cost of other resources. Considering the quality and breadth of content, it's a worthwhile investment for your academic and career trajectory.

🌟Targeted Preparation: Aimed specifically at pre-nursing and healthcare students, ensuring that the content is tailored to those seeking to excel in their college programs. Offers not just theoretical knowledge, but also actionable insights and tips that can make the difference between a good score and a great one.

Elevate your TEAS prep and walk into the examination room with confidence. When you combine your dedication with our expertise, success is just around the corner. #NurseCheung #TEASV7 #NursingExam

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